One of the first inventions in this field have been waterbeds. They are very well adjusted to the body and provide comfort in any position. Resting on this product, you can even wiggle as the waves. But they have one serious drawback – a lot of weight. The product is filled with several hundred liters of water, so that a double standard size model can reach 500 kg. Under the bed is necessary and appropriate bed. Furthermore, water must be changed several times a year. And it’s not very convenient to do in the bedroom. Of course, modern waterbeds are much easier to operate. However, not everyone is pleased to realize that it is under half a ton of water. Today it is assumed that these products belong to the category of anatomic mattresses.


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The next step to perfection become dependent spring mattresses. We all remember Soviet goods on which rest was more or less comfortable about the first year. Then batting started to spread, and the springs creaked and crawled from different sides. Of course, compared with cotton, these were truly orthopedic mattresses. But the positive effect did not last long.

Today there is really worthy spring mattresses with independent units. In such models, each spring is immersed in a separate case and is able to support the body dot. That is to adjust to every curve of your figure. In whatever position you lie down you will always be comfortable. As for the accessories of this invention, the one attributed it to the anatomical models for other orthopedic.

It is important to know for what purpose you are buying a product and how it differs from the anatomical mattress. Each model can help one person, and the other hurt. Therefore, the choice should be approached very seriously. If the mattress is needed for an elderly person, consult with orthopedist which option is right for him. If your child, consider the necessary degree of rigidity and size. Professional counselors online store “sleep therapy” is also prompt you which model will suit better for a teenager with a smooth bearing, and which for a child with scoliosis. A wide range of goods will not leave you without a suitable product.


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Do not think that the mattress is better anatomical and vice versa. Each of them performs its function and good for each individual case. Do not listen to amateurs who claim that they are all the same. Just find a model that suits you and your family will enjoy. If you want to have your family glowing health and vitality, and parents feel young for years to come, give them the opportunity to sleep under ideal conditions.


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